About Economic Development Resources

Choose EDR because your community, or business, will benefit from our experience and expertise in economic development gained through years of academic training and decades of hands-on, day to day, practice. Our successful relationships with both the public side and the private side have led to the creation of a broad array of plans which guide development and redevelopment, and have resulted in public/private partnerships which have revitalized communities and created wealth for those who have invested in these communities.


For communities searching for a trusted partner for their economic development efforts:

Choose EDR because your community will benefit from our demonstrated ability to identify and put into place the municipally-controlled tools - Business Districts, tax increment financing areas (TIFs), Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) and the like - to get economic development done in today's competitive environment. As importantly, communities trust our proven ability to negotiate, on their behalf, with private developers for the use of these tools. Our work has led to the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars of private capital in communities of all sizes.

For communities in need of assistance in their planning efforts:

Choose EDR because your community will benefit from our understanding of, and specialized knowledge concerning, planning and the public planning process. Our particular expertise in the comprehensive planning process (evaluation of previous efforts; development of goals, objectives and policies; identifying how to implement policies; and working with residents, businesses, elected officials and staff) and the issues which must be addressed in such plans (future land use, (re)development along major transportation corridors, analysis and determination of impact fees, investment in public infrastructure, competing in the marketplace in which the municipality is situated, among others) have enabled us to work successfully with a number of diverse communities in crafting understandable and useable comprehensive plans.


For Real Estate Developers

Choose EDR to work with you because we use our decades of experience with a broad range of municipalities, developers and projects to effectively identify, create and use the tools (such as Economic Incentive Agreements, TIF, Business Districts and Community Improvement Districts) critical to establishing the public/private partnerships necessary for successful real estate development in today's competitive marketplace. EDR has also worked with its private clients to respond to Request for Qualifications/Proposals, identify and apply for development assistance from county and state governments, negotiate for financial benefits for projects, forecast a development's economic and tax benefits, and market projects (in hard copy and on-line, and in both 2D and 3D).

For Underwriters, Trustees, Note Holders and Bond Holders

Choose EDR if you have a need to monitor the generation, collection and payment of projects' revenues necessary to retire obligations issued to help finance large-scale development (and redevelopment) projects. We have identified hundreds of thousands of dollars in project tax revenue to which our clients were entitled, but had not received due to non-filing retailers, use of incorrect tax rates at the point of sale, and misallocation of tax revenues by various levels of government.