Comprehensive Plans & Land Use

We provide land use planning services so that our clients can understand how their properties may be developed, or redeveloped. Our work includes assessment of alternative land uses, site plans' compliance with local zoning and subdivision ordinances, and 2D and 3D modeling of the plans - for cities, villages, public utilities, Chambers of Commerce, development agencies and private investors.

EDR has worked in a variety of municipalities to guide them through the process of creating their own plans to direct their future development, and prioritize their investment of scarce public resources. Our efforts with our public clients enables them to understand their demographic and socio-economic qualities, their positioning in the marketplaces in which they compete, and identify the Policies and Programs that they will follow - and implement - in order to achieve the Goals and Objectives that they have identified during the creation of their Comprehensive Plans & Land Use.

Jennings, Missouri

Comprehensive Plan for the redevelopment of an older community in the inner suburban ring of metropolitan St. Louis; this Plan was presented at the Year 2000 National Conference of the American Planning Association.

Madison, Illinois

creation of the city's Comprehensive Plan which has identified, and will allow the City to address, a wide range of issues regarding the redevelopment of this older, industrialized community adjacent to Venice and East St. Louis, Illinois. The Plan also will assist Madison in developing the Tri-City Regional Port, Choteau Island and redeveloping Gateway International Raceway.

Metropolis, Illinois

update of the City's Comprehensive Plan to enable the community to guide future redevelopment activities in its historic downtown and uptown areas, as well as in the portions of its Ohio River riverfront area devoted to gaming and recreational activities.

St. John, Missouri

work with the City administration and City's Planning Task Force to completely revise the City's 1998 Comprehensive Plan, including creation of the "St. John Fact Book", assembling all socio-economic, demographic, infrastructural, administrative and other data relevant to the City and its competitive marketplace.

Cerro Gordo, Illinois

work with the Village Board to develop the General Land Use Plan which identifies those areas of the community in which the Village will provide assistance for commercial redevelopment through tax increment financing and business district revenues.

Bradley, Illinois

Comprehensive Plan created to guide the redevelopment of the community (located in the Kankakee, Illinois metro area) and to direct the Village's growth-management and annexation activities.

Troy, Illinois

complete revision to the City's Comprehensive Plan through the analysis of the socio-economic and demographic data of the City and the competitive market place in which it is located, and input from a citizen-based Planning Advisory Group, to create Goals, Objectives, Policies and Programs, and an Implementation Matrix for these Programs, for the City.

St. John, Missouri

development of the St. Charles Rock Road Corridor Study, an analysis of the sales potential of a wide range of retail and service activities within the St. John portion of this important St. Louis County arterial roadway.

Effingham, Illinois

work with the Plan Commission, and interested community leaders, in reviewing and updating the Growth and Management Element of the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Republic, Missouri

an analysis of the market for, and an assessment of the potential to create a master-planned, fully covenanted business park in this community, a rapidly growing suburb of Springfield, Missouri.

Gainesville (Florida) Regional Utilities

assessment of the feasibility of developing industrial and office parks in approximately 2,000 acres abutting the Deerhaven Generating Station on US 441, north of Gainesville.

City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri

analysis of the development potential of 80 acres of property owned by the Utility at the intersection of Kearney Street (SR 744) and Mulroy Avenue.

Epworth Assembly, Ludington, Michigan

Development of The Epworth Heights Long Range Plan which will guide the growth of the summer residential retreat of this 120 year old religious community.